July 29, 2009

Save Our Safety Net: Ongoing Coverage

Our petition to stop the City Council from slashing services for DC's most vulnerable residents is getting more signatures every hour, but we need every one of our supporters to back us up on this crucial issue. The proposed cuts will do inestimable damage to DC's ability to propel people out of poverty. If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so!

Thank you to the many blogs, organizations, and individuals in the District who have helped us spread the word about the danger we are in. Please continue to forward these emails or post links on your blog to the Save Our Safety Net site that has all the information about the cuts.

Special thanks to Greater Greater Washington, DCist, The Center for Non-Profit Advancement, Jews United for Justice, Washington Grantmaker's Daily, Pink Banana World, Poverty & Policy, The CKP National Blog, and DCBlogs for your coverage and support!

Through the Coalition for Community Investment, we are presenting the petition in all its lengthy papery glory to City Councilmembers this morning. We will continue to keep you updated about our efforts.


Alex Carrick said...

We echoed your sentiments with a post over at the Campus Kitchens Project blog. Great work so far.


Matt Siemer said...

Hey Alex,

Thank you so much! I added your blog to our list!