October 8, 2009

Re-up our Defibrillator!

So, Bread for the City has a new defibrillator.

Our old defibrillator was old. No one seems to really know how old – Dr. Randi, the medical clinic director, has been here almost two decades and says it had been there longer than that.

We never used it, though! When I suggested to our medical clinic staff that our old defibrillator maybe had never been used because of how awesome our medical clinic staff is, they just laughed. But still, I think that’s probably a big reason why.

Anyway, the old defibrillator: yeah, it recently disappeared. And then we had to replace it immediately. Even though we've never used it, a clinic’s still gotta have one. So that’s that. Specifically, that’s about $1,500 in costs that we hadn’t budgeted.

It feels weird asking you to donate for something that’s we never used in the first place, but hey: safety first. Can you help us cover the cost of a replacement defibrillator by donating today?

This is how a defibrillator works. Help us be a safe place for hearts.

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