December 10, 2009

What the Dickens!

Charles Dickens, that is!

A few weeks back, we were contacted by the good folks at Ford's Theatre. They wanted to partner with Bread for the City around their running of A Christmas Carol.

Well, as it turns out, the partnership proved to be tremendously successful. With both internal and external campaigns, Ford's Theatre raised nearly $13,000 — all to benefit Holiday Helpings. (That adds up to 460 healthful holiday meals!)

Here's the best part. When the Ford's Theatre reps stopped by Bread for the City this week to present us with this donation, they gave it to us in cold, hard, sweet cash. They came to us with a black canvas bag filled to the brim with $13K worth of ones, fives, tens, a few twenties, and one fifty dollar bill inside. (We are also relieved to note that the cash was very neatly organized and VERY accurately counted.)

This was the largest, one-time hard-cash donation that Bread for the City has ever received. We couldn't resist stacking the money in big stacks, Scrooge-like, for a photo shoot.

We most definitely agree with Paul Tetreault, Director of the Ford's Theatre Society when he said:

It is truly fitting that we reflect the messages of charity, hope and love found in Dickens's A Christmas Carol by addressing the needs within our own communities.

So how about you? Are you waiting to be visited by mythical, time-traveling ghosts before getting involved in helping those in need? It would be a lot easier to just click here to join Holiday Helpings today!

True, money can't buy happiness. But just $28 can provide a family of four with a celebratory meal. Give today!

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