June 21, 2010

Volunteers are our Bread & Butter

And on Saturday, June 12, our Bread & Butter was our Volunteers.

Bread & Butter Club volunteers, that is.

We hosted our annual B&B Club volunteer day on Saturday, offering our monthly donors the opportunity to be an active part of their giving. Families, couples, and friends joined us in our Northwest food pantry for a morning of service packing groceries. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Of course, you don't have to be a monthly donor to support Bread for the City. You don't even have to come out to one of our centers to volunteer. There are many unique ways to get involved.

Hold a drive at your office or place of worship. And be creative with your drive too! We are starting a new herb garden in our Southeast Center and hope to start client potting classes as it grows: you could organize a Seed Drive and collect seed packets, soil, and pots to help! When holding a food & cash drive, encourage those participating to deliver their donations in reusable shopping bags. Rather than a clothing drive, how about a diaper drive or a Wish List drive?

This all sounds pretty cool, right? Want to become a monthly donor? Click here to join our Bread & Butter Club.

Want help in organizing a drive? We're here to help! Contact either Erin Garnaas-Holmes or Nathan LaBorie and get involved today.

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