November 23, 2010

Bodacious Birds

We've distributed nearly 4,000 of these bodacious birds to some of DC's lowest income families. Meanwhile, across town, the Obamas will be having the same birds for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. (See this article about how the President donated several Jaindl turkeys last year to Martha's Table.)

They're Jaindl turkeys, and we're told they're the best.

Indeed, when it comes to our clients, only the best will do. We ordered many thousands of these Jaindl turkeys from the Capital Area Food Bank this year, selected for both affordability and healthfulness.

In fact, these turkeys are the only turkeys permitted by the USDA to be labeled "Lite" -- because of a remarkably lean fat content (55% less fat and 25% less calories than your average gobbler).

They've been served at the White House holiday table for three decades. That's some top-notch turkey!

You can make sure more of these fine specimens of holiday delight make it on to holiday tables by making a gift to Holiday Helpings. Thanks for all your help!

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