November 29, 2010

Crooked Run Orchard Needs Your Help!

While this blog normally covers issues directly related to the District, we have recently discovered that dear friends of ours in Virginia are in trouble and need our help. Just a quick moment of your time can literally help save a farm!

The Crooked Run Orchard, Glean for the City’s dedicated partner, is being threatened by encroaching development in its town of Purcellville. Just last month, we presented Crooked Run with a 2010 Good Hope Award for its incredible generosity (15,000 pounds of apples donated to Bread for the City in the past two seasons -- 15% of Glean for the City’s total haul). Now, the county is considering plans to forge a highway directly through the heart of Crooked Run, using “eminent domain” to destroy barns, thousands of trees, and a small farmer’s livelihood.

Thanks to the process of “eminent domain”, these plans could easily become a reality whether the owners of Crooked Run like it or not. Not only will the highway divide the farm property in two, it will also completely destroy one of its barns, kill dozens of mature apple trees, and expose the remaining orchard trees to dramatically increased auto emissions. More importantly, it will completely upend the very way of life for proprietor Sam Brown, destroying a farm that’s been family owned and operated for over 200 years.

So what’s the trade off? What's the benefit of the proposed new highway? As it turns out, a mere 2.54% reduction in traffic on Main Street. That’s right, 2.5 fewer cars per 100. Hardly a dent in the current congestion woes, and hardly worth the effort of bulldozing right through this property.

Each year, over 20,000 community members—families, friends, neighbors—enjoy Crooked Run Orchard for all its splendor: apple picking, hay rides, outdoor exploring, education about agriculture and nature. We wish for Crooked Run to be around next year and for years to follow. As such, we strongly urge Purcellville’s Mayor, Bob Lazarro, and Town Council to reconsider the current plans for their proposed Southern Connector Road.

You can help! It only takes a second to sign our petition.

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Airsafety said...

The Town has completed their "Quick Take" of our land and they are now free to do as they please with it, such as raze the orchard and barn. We need help! Please visit our website to email the town directly, help spread the word, and make a donation to our legal defense fund if you can. If anyone knows Michelle Obama, this would be a great time for her and others like her to help save our farm!