February 3, 2011

A hearty Mazel Tov to Dr. Randi!

Jewish Woman magazine and Jewish Women International are highlighting Dr. Randi's amazing work here at Bread for the City and across the District. In an extra punny move, JWI has dubbed Dr. Randi a Jewish HERoe for her 20 years of leadership at Bread.

They’ve brought attention to her leadership with our nutrition initiative:

Lately she’s been counseling patients on proper nutrition, often to help manage long-term diseases like diabetes. Bread for the City food drives would often yield less-than-healthy options – items like donated candy and cookies that would wind up in food bags. The staff eventually decided to model better eating habits by handing out more sensible choices. Bread for the City now has a nutrition consultant on staff, and gives out fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms.

We're kvelling*! Check out the full post and videos on JWI's blog.

*Yiddish for proud.

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