March 16, 2011

Gearing up for the Budget

It’s crunch time for the Mayor. Mayor Vince Gray’s first budget comes out Friday, April 1. This is the last opportunity for constituents to let the newly elected mayor know what choices we want him to make with the budget.

Gray’s job isn’t easy. The local budget, which totals around $7 billion, has a shortfall of $322 million. In events during the last two weeks, the mayor’s Budget Director, Eric Goulet, has said that the cuts will come from health and human services, even though safety net programs have already been cut by one-third in the last three years. He also said that they won’t cut health and human services if they fill the gap with revenue.

One of the programs that could face cuts is affordable child care. According to the Grassroots Media Project, funding for the District’s Child Care Subsidy Program, which benefits community-based child care providers as well as parents in need of affordable child care, has been cut each of the past five years. We see many families, particularly at our Southeast Center, that are unable to get and keep good jobs without a child care subsidy. (More here)

We think it’s time to share the burden. That’s why we support Save Our Safety Net, Invest in DC, and the Fair Budget Coalition in asking for a more progressive income tax structure.

If you agree, send an email or call the Mayor now at or (202)727-6300. Let them know you support progressive taxes to pay for safety net programs.

Come to one of these events to raise your voice with Bread for the City and our partners:

Empower DC Show Us the Green Rally for Child Care
On Facebook
Tomorrow, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Take the Safety Net Off the Lunch Table with Save Our Safety Net
On Facebook
Monday March 21 - Friday March 25, 1:00 pm
Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW

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