May 24, 2011

City Council votes tomorrow. Ask them to save our safety net today.

The City Council votes tomorrow on the budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Chairman Kwame Brown, responding to public pressure, showed leadership to restore a portion of the cuts.

Save Our Safety Net reports that his budget will include $24 million to partially fund Interim Disability Assistance, homeless services, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. But there are still $32 million in cuts on the table, and instead of using all progressive revenue to fund the safety net, the Chairman and others are planning to use a portion of the money to reverse the marginal income tax increase proposed by the Mayor.

Please take a minute today to email your Councilmembers to ask them to fully fund safety net programs. They need to hear from you. If you have time, call their offices as well. The numbers are below.

Take a look at this amazing video from Save Our Safety Net. It will inspire you as you talk to your elected officials:

Here's what Save Our Safety Net reports is still being cut:

-- $2m from childcare subsidies
-- $2m from Local Rent Supplement Program, eliminating the vouchers
-- $18m from the Housing Production Trust Fund
-- $900k from Children's Mental Health Services
-- $1.3m from Domestic Violence Services
-- $600k from the Low-income Heating and Energy Assistance Program
-- $3.3m from Interim Disability Assistance, leaving 1000 on the waiting list and 600 removed from the program
-- $3.5m million from homeless services, for transportation to shelters, feeding, and supportive services

And here are the numbers to call the City Council as well as email:

Kwame Brown (Chairman) 724-8032
Vincent Orange (at-large) 724-8174
David Catania (at-large) 724-7772
Phil Mendelson (at-large) 724-8064
Michael Brown (at-large) 724-8105
Jim Graham (Ward 1) 724-8181
Jack Evans (Ward 2) 724-8058
Mary Cheh (Ward 3) 724-8062
Muriel Bowser (Ward 4) 724-8052
Harry Thomas, Jr. (Ward 5) 724-8028
Tommy Wells (Ward 6) 724-8072
Yvette Alexander (Ward 7) 724-8068
Marion Barry (Ward 8) 724-8045
Jen Budoff, Council Budget Director 724-8139

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