May 22, 2008

BFC in the News

Everyone's talking about the state of the economy and how it's affecting everything from food prices to jobs to non-profit fundraising.

While it's great that these critical issues are being discussed (and it's kind of cool that Bread for the City is in USA Today), we're looking forward to a time when all of our media coverage doesn't include the words "uncertain" ... "struggling" ... "needy" and "hungry"...

Here's a wrap-up of Bread for the City in the media from the past couple of weeks:

Listen: "DC Area Non-profits Plan for Uncertain Future" 5/21/2008, WAMU Radio 88.5 FM

Listen: "Non-profits are Struggling to Keep Up with Increasing Demand for Services" 5/20/08, WAMU Radio 88.5 FM

"New Breed of American Emerges in Need of Food" 5/19/08, USA Today

"Food-Stuffed Buses Drive Home Plight of the Needy" 5/15/08, The Washington Post

"On Food Stamps and Still Hungry" 5/07/08,

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