September 22, 2008

Client request: Vaccuum cleaner

Last week, one of our fine case managers fielded a request from a client for a vaccuum cleaner. Major renovations are going on outside of her building, and dust is pouring through the vents into her apartment.

If you have access to a good, reliable vaccuum cleaner that would enable our client to keep her living space clean, thereby preventing any health hazards that might come with breathing in the dust, please let us know! You can email me at msiemer [at] breadforthecity [dot] org.

Update: Due to the incredible generosity of our readers, and a helpful linking by DCist, we've been able to locate a vacuum cleaner. Thank you to the many people who offered to help, and if there are other nice folks who have one vacuum too many, please contact A Wider Circle to make sure it gets to a family that can use it. Thanks again!!

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