September 19, 2008

Good Hope Awards- Great Unveiling Part III

So there are two types of people/organizations that receive awards at the Good Hope Awards on October 7th. There are the folks who actually come to Bread for the City regularly and work with Bread for the City clients. And then there are the ones who don't really come to Bread for the City, but they are doing things in the community that help our clients on a macro level. We like to call these the "Beyond Bread" awards. This year, we're giving out two "Beyond Bread" awards...

The first is DC Councilmember David Catania. Why do we love him? Well let me tell you...

David Catania - Beyond Bread Community Champion - Councilmember Catania has served on the DC Council as a member at large since 1997. As the Chair of the Department of Health, David Catania has been a tireless champion for improving the healthcare of the uninsured and underinsured residents of DC. He has pushed through legislation to assist victims of substance abuse in seeking treatment, created incentives for medical professionals to work in underserved areas of DC, and to expand access to prescription drugs and healthcare for those who cannot afford the care they need. We are pleased to support the work of Councilmember Catania and are grateful for the work he does each day to advocate for the improved health of low-income DC residents. These are our clients and we are proud to fight this fight with him. We are honored to recognize him as a Community Champion.

Who is the second? I guess you'll have to find out next week! Have a great weekend!

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