November 9, 2008

Slow City Council's roll on budget cuts - (take action!)

The DC City Council has a ballooning budget shortfall, and we are behind serious measures of some sort being taken -- but the City Council is about to vote today on a new budget plan, without having allowed for public hearings or input of any substantive kind. At stake are millions of dollars of funding for housing initiatives and other critical supports for the city's low income population.

Some of these programs are already underfunded as is. Given the inflation of living costs, and accelerating job loss up and down the lines of industry, this is really not a good time to scale back the support the city gives to the poor.

Our friends and partners in service, SOME, have put up an action page to call for the City Council to basically slow its roll and open up the process a bit. There very well may be a crisis in the City's balance sheets, but there are thousands of crises already on its streets. Let's make sure that the former isn't used as an excuse to shaft the latter. Write City Council today, and ask them to please postpone Monday's vote and schedule a public hearing.!

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