December 19, 2008

Beyond Bread: All Kinds of Excitement

Happy Holidays to all our readers!  In part to celebrate the holidays (and in part because President-Elect Barack Obama asked us to), Bread for the City will be hosting a health forum on December 30th.  What time?  Who's coming?  I don't know.  Good thing my guy Greg is going to spill all the details a bit later on this very blog.

~Bread for the City made some friends this week!  We're humbled that Tryst has decided donate the proceeds from their New Year's party to us, and grateful for help in such an unexpected and creative way.  Also this week:  DC this Week picked up the equally amazing story that Touchstone Gallery is going to donate proceeds from a December showing of small artwork, The Prince of Petworth asked his readers to consider donating clothes to us, and DCist linked to our ongoing coverage of paper transfers being phased out of the Metro system.  There's an incredibly giving attitude this holiday spirit, and it's one of the many reasons I'm happy to be in DC among people who understand that an economic downturn hurts those at the bottom the worst.

~Given the outpouring of support we've been getting, it comes as no surprise that the Washington Times went to print with a story on how, despite common misconceptions, our community is coming to bat for us.  Though you'll all be thanked more personally, a public thank you to the many, many people who continue to pledge their support.

~Whitman-Walker moved to a new location this week--smaller, but only two blocks away from their old location at 14th and S NW.

~OneWorld ran an interesting piece on their website about the rising number of homeless veterans, and how some in San Francisco are stepping up to help.

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