December 19, 2008

A Couple Stories I Missed

Well, it turns out I rounded up too soon. Here's a couple more things of note:

~This Saturday the African-American Holiday Association is having an affordable craft & art festival! They'll be at the Reeves Center (at 14th and U NW) from 11am to 5pm. This is their 25th anniversary celebration, so be prepared for some fun. The AAHA has a video you can watch about the event.

~The Washington Post talks about Bread for the City and our partner, Miriam's Kitchen, in an article on the impending changes to our Metro system. I think Ms. Sun sums up our position quite nicely:

...representatives of Bread for the City and Miriam's Kitchen, two nonprofits that help vulnerable District residents, said many of their clients with mental illnesses would not be able to hold on to a fare card. Homeless shelter residents' possessions are often stolen, they said, and those with mental illnesses may have a hard time using the cards.

~The GWMinute also ran a nice article about the partnership we have with them through our Medical Clinic.

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