March 13, 2009

Beyond Bread: Local Links & News

~Bread for the City was featured on WAMU this morning. We’re trying to get the word out about our hour changes, hoping that we can reach as many low-income residents and other service providers as possible before the change takes place. Thanks to the many people who are helping us out there.

~DCist gave another shout-out to our 19th annual auction, Art with a Heart! The event is next Thursday the 19th, and there are a limited number of tickets still available, so if you are interested in attending a hip auction for a good cause, contact Valentine Breitbarth.

~Speaking of DCist, they ran a story yesterday that caught my interest. Hundreds of people were lined up in Columbia Heights after hearing that a number of spots were open in a subsidized apartment complex, Columbia Heights Village Apartments. I scoured the Washington rags this morning and didn’t see any other coverage of the story. Does anyone know how many openings there were?

~Michelle Obama was at one of our partner agencies, Miriam’s Kitchen, talking about the need organizations like ours have for healthy foods. The New York Times says that Ms. Obama is going to make poverty reduction and nutrition her agenda. Obviously that is something we feel very passioinate about, and see a need for, but we’re trying not to get too excited.

~It’s been a year since the fire in Mr. Pleasant, and no new building for those who lost their home.

~Hey! My former coworker Adrienne wrote something on the National Women’s Law Center’s blog, Womenstake. Way to get in there, Adrienne!

~David Garber, the blogger who runs And Now, Anacostia, had a good spread in the Washingtonian. Bread for the City has no formal affiliation with Garber, but as Anacostia locals we appreciate good work when we see it. And Now, Anacostia is always a great read, and Garber clearly cares about making Anacostia a better place. Many thanks to The Advoc8te at Congress Heights on the Rise for linking to the story first.

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