May 2, 2009

Birthday Bash Roundup: Measureable Outcomes

Dr. Randi with with her son Yonah, daughter Eve, and husband Michael Lieberman. She also has another daughter, Hannah, who isn't pictured.

Well, it's the day after our blog's birthday, and yet I would be remiss if I didn't add a couple lines about one more set of things we cover on Beyond Bread--the many things we've accomplished. Though some of them have trickled into our other roundups (notably our large nutrition initiative, breaking ground on our expanded medical clinic, and the huge success of our Holiday Helpings Drive), others deserve equal recognition.

Just before our blog launced last year, we hired Sharon Gruber, our Nutrition Consultant. Working part-time, Sharon has an incredible number of projects she's working on. She worked with Ted to make sure all of the food in our pantry is as nutritious as possible. She's the force behind our most recent gleaning initiative--in fact, it was her idea! She's also the contact for all of the local farmers. She meets with medical clinic patients one-on-one for nutrition consultations, heads up the cooking classes through our Fit for Fun program, AND has been a regular contributor to this blog since we first launched. Her "Nutrition Minute" http:>

We also worked with the Healthy and Affordable Food For All coalition to launch the DC Food Finder--a resource that allows both non-profit staff and low-income residents to find a number of food access sites from anywhere in DC. Our guy Greg, an editor of this blog and BFC's current contact person for HAFA, is currently doing webinars on how to use this hip new tool to greatest advantage.

I would consider it a large oversight if I didn't mention that our Dr. Randi Abramson also won the prestigious American Medical Association's Pride in the Profession Award this year!! This is a huge honor since the Pride in Profession award is very competative--only a handful of people get it every year. Dr. Randi was the first full-time doctor at Bread for the City 19 years ago. Indeed, she was the only doctor on staff until a few months ago when we hired Dr. Joan E. to ramp up for the expansion. Loved by patients, volunteers, and staff members alike, Dr. Randi truly deserved this recognition.

Staff members from multiple departments also helped make our voter registration drive a great success during the election season, and helped us respond early to WMATA phasing out paper transfers.

I guess that wraps up or blog birthday. Thanks again to all of the readers and volunteers who have helped make this a successful endeavor!

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