November 17, 2009

Holiday Helpings 2009 with Leon Harris

There are people who make stuff happen. And there are people who make stuff happen. Bread for the City is a place that makes stuff happen.

That's from ABC-7's own Leon Harris. Leon is a DC area resident and supporter of Bread for the City. We invited him over to our Northwest center to help pass out some turkeys for Holiday Helpings. Leon arrived, smartly dressed yesterday afternoon on his way in to work and was immediately impacted with the number of people in our Northwest food pantry.

"I had no idea you all helped so many people," he said with emotion thickening his voice as we walked back to the food pantry. "This is incredible. You know, we never think that there are this many people who need just the smallest gesture...just to make it through the day."

Leon immediately grabbed an apron and, with ABC-7 cameras in tow, got to work laughing with clients, distributing food, and listening to stories. His booming stature and vocal personality was matched only by his enthusiasm. The energy level among the staff, clients, and volunteers in the food pantry instantly increased. "This is a story that goes beyond the holidays," Leon said emphatically. "So much of my job is dealing with the worst - the very worst - that people can do to each other. And then I come here and see people doing their best... This is how I was raised. This is the way it's supposed to be all the time. Not just during the holidays."

Be sure to look for Bread the City to be featured on an upcoming ABC-7 newscast!

Thank you Leon Harris for partnering with our Holiday Helpings campaign! Thank you for helping to raise our spirits. Most importantly, thank you for helping to raise public awareness of the growing need that Bread for the City encounters every day.

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