November 13, 2009

We’ll miss you, Betsy!

“I was uncertain that I would be able to do anything.” Elizabeth (Betsy) Linsert recounted about her first day at Bread for the City. Betsy had been inspired to volunteer at Bread for the City by her professor at George Washington University – who also happens to be Bread’s veteran health care provider, Dr. Randi Abramson.

“Dr. Randi was a wonderful teacher. She really set us up to learn. She made us believe in the importance of this work.”

When Betsy arrived in the clinic, her fears were immediately put to ease. Even with the overwhelming amount of need for healthcare in this community, the whole place was warm and welcoming. Betsy volunteered a shift or two per week for more than ten years.

“I came to love being here, because clients were always treated with dignity, respect, and compassion,” said Betsy, and on top of that, “there’s always been an effort to expand what we can do here. The atmosphere here has always been one of wanting to do more and do better.”

So, was she helpful? It should come as no surprise that the answer here is a resounding yes! “Betsy’s so great!” emphasizes Bread’s full-time NP, Heather Rivasplata, “she brings a unique perspective as a nurse practioner; she’s interested in teaching; she loves spending time with the patients. And she always keeps herself busy- many times we would find her just stocking exam rooms with supplies. No one asked her to do that, she just saw something that needed to be done, and she did it.”

Betsy plans to stay connected to the Bread for the City community through the clinic’s planning committee and peer education program, which is just getting off the ground. We thank you, Betsy, for your years of service and wish you the best of luck on your next chapter.

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