April 1, 2011

Bread for the City presents: Community Supported Agriculture

Bread for the City is bringing our healthy community to the next level: the roof!

This spring, we are building vegetable gardens on the roofs of each of our two centers. These gardens will grow lots of fresh, healthy food for use in our pantries and cooking workshops -- and, more importantly, they will be spaces that foster reflection, learning, and dialog about health and food justice, across lines of class, race, and age.

We need your help to make this vision a reality! Become a member of Bread for the City’s Community Supported Agriculture project.

On our Northwest Center, located at 1525 7th Street NW, we will convert our extensive green roof into the first large-scale roof top agriculture project in the DC region. DC Greenworks is providing us the technical support and know-how for this project, helping us build the now intensive green roof that will feature near 30 raised beds that will grow a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Our Southeast Center will feature an eclectic array of containers to grow herbs and vegetables specially selected by our clientele. The garden features rain barrels provided by DDOE and will utilize innovative irrigation systems developed by Gifts of Good Earth.

Get Involved!

We need your help to make these projects happen! We’ll be constructing the NW garden throughout this month, and maintaining both gardens throughout the growing season. We’ll also be hosting workshops, classes, and special events in each space, and need help coordinating these and preparing meals for our clients and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in any of these capacities, please fill out an application here!

You can also view our calendar of events here.

DC Greenworks estimates that the garden will cost $50,000 (and 200 hours) to build, and $15,000 a year to maintain. That’s a significant cost, but we believe that our community deserves spaces such as these -- so we’re asking you to help us make it possible.

Become a member of Bread for the City’s Community Supported Agriculture project! Donate to the green roof project today.

For more information, please send an email to Erin Garnaas-Holmes or call him at 202-386-7006!

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All Cats are Grey in the Dark said...

This is very exciting. We are really close to your Northwest site and I can't wait to be involved with the roof transformation. It is really cool that you plan on using the roof as a space for reflection as well.